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Métisse Magazine Online: For Multicultural Young Women

Welcome to the hottest, all-new online magazine for young women who are multicultural and multiracial. There’s no other place like it for young Métisse women! Take a look at the ideas, advice, and facts that are important to this unique and growing group of people.

Métisse? What’s that?

“Métisse” is a French word for a woman who is multicultural, multiracial, and whose roots are multicontinental. You pronounce it may-TEACE. We use a French word because there is no word like it in English.

Why have Métisse Magazine Online?

The idea is to give young Métisse women a new way to get insights, education, and resources geared just for them. Our Web site also gives everyone an opportunity to tell her own story. Métisse young women can play a key role in our society as bridge builders between groups that frequently misunderstand each other.

how to enhance your métisse beauty and keep your hair and skin healthy.

Find out about your favorite Métisse celebrities!

how to deal with some common problems of being Métisse.

Last updated Jul 19, 2010